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Wang's high quality kindergarten is how to build the kindergarten management process a day

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Wang, preschool education expert introduction
Dr Wang vision -- enterprise management at the university of southern California, the university of Hawaii master of pedagogy, psychology of northeast normal university master degree. State children's health department under the ministry of human resources and social labor security, parental national vocational qualification of the expert committee chief expert, renmin university of China in the early childhood education introduction "magazine expert advisers. Once held the position of the director of the kindergarten curriculum, kindergarten twelve years, he not only to the early education of China and the United States: an empirical study of cross-cultural accumulate deep, pioneering process for a day "as the core, build a set of integrating the essence of culture and education of China and the United States early education quality management standardization system, and his passionate speech was warmly welcomed by the director and parents.
High quality kindergarten management content of the bible
High quality kindergarten is one of how to build management articles -- -- -- -- -- - "the high quality kindergarten standardization of quality management and control system", by wang, preschool education experts, different speaker to the request of kindergarten management, curriculum, kindergarten management, in order to solve the actual problem as the goal, to teach the best management idea, skills and methods, to promote the kindergarten management standardization, promote the healthy and rapid development of preschool education industry. The content is divided into ten parts, 8 DVDS, specific content is as follows:
DVD1 DVD2 t young relationship DVD3 curriculum DVD4 home communication faculty development
DVD5 faculty development institution management DVD6 young proportion material environment
DVD7 DVD8 dietary nutrition for health and safety in physical environment evaluation
The kindergarten management released on DVD
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