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Fangcao Education

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Founded in 2008, Fangcao Education is a subsidiary of Beijing Publishing Group. The company integrates production, learning, research, training and application, and provides scientific professional education services for the majority of kindergartens. Based on an in-depth understanding of the "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education (Trial)" and "Guide to Learning and Development for Children Aged 3-6", Fangcao Education relies on the idea of lifelong education and upholds the interaction of early childhood education with social, cultural and environmental factors Based on the open thinking of the educational environment and the appropriate educational principles that match the educational environment and the development of young children, it is committed to building a full-media educational resource library of kindergartens, communities and families, and building a cooperative and interactive relationship between children, parents and teachers. A common growth platform to create a comprehensive service platform for modern pre-chemistry education with an international perspective and combining excellent Chinese traditional culture.

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