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Baoding Lujie Household Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in Gaoyang, a well-known textile town. The transportation is convenient and the location is superior. A comprehensive product company integrating design, production, sales and after-sales. The main products include: cores, kindergarten sets, kindergarten tableware, square towels and various high-grade bedding.

The company has successively introduced various advanced production equipment from home and abroad, with computer multi-needle quilting machine, computer single-needle quilting machine, computer carding machine, bag cutting machine, sewing machine, ironing and other equipment. Improve the satisfaction of the majority of partners and end customers with their products. Not only that, strict control of product quality is the core value of Rongjie Home Textiles. From the selection of materials to the storage and sale of products, there are more than 20 procedures by professional staff, which are carefully controlled and responsible. In the years of development, it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the country.

All the company's products support the customization of the kindergarten logo to create its unique style. The brand is committed to promoting natural, comfortable, and simple, child-oriented humanized design concepts, producing green products to accompany the healthy growth of babies!

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