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Honghe Technology, a domestic pioneer in the field of multimedia display and interactive applications, and a global leader in interactive multimedia equipment. Since its establishment in 1990, it has been focusing on the multimedia video (AV) industry, including product popularization, system integration and technology research and development. After more than 20 years of intensive work, it has now developed into a three-legged trade, industry, and technology-based infrastructure and in-depth layout. Global market, currently has more than 30 branches and more than 100 core distributors at home and abroad, as well as thousands of multinational high-tech leading distributors and partners.

    In the field of R & D and production, Honghe Technology has always adhered to the strategic goal of "independent innovation and sustainable development". It currently has a large-scale professional digital multimedia product and modern educational equipment production base with the strongest domestic technical force and strongest comprehensive production capacity. The world's largest production base for interactive electronic whiteboards and video booths. The "Honghe HiteVision" brand, which is fully built, has both its own brand "soft and hard". It includes interactive electronic whiteboards, interactive tablets, projectors, video booths, interactive multi-disciplinary teaching software, recording and broadcasting systems and school announcement systems Solution-based products, smart classrooms, Honghe I-learning, and a rich and deep-seated cloud education resource platform. Multi-line products have ranked first in the domestic market share for many years, and are sold throughout North America, Europe and around the world.

    In the engineering fields such as intelligent conference system, large-screen display system, exhibition display system and information communication system, Honghe Technology adheres to the service concept of "Quality Way" and takes the ISO9000 quality system as the project implementation management benchmark. For this large-scale project, the customer base is mainly composed of well-known multinational enterprises, important national institutions and national key projects. Its construction quality and industry reputation directly follow the world-class engineering companies. It has become the most professional and powerful system integration solution company in China.

    Honghe Technology has become the general agent of the international display giant NEC education and engineering projectors in China since 2015. NEC has been focusing on projection for more than 30 years. During the development process, it has accumulated rich product resources and perfect product lines. , Won a good market share and extremely high user trust. Strong cooperation with Honghe Technology complements each other's strengths, providing a strong guarantee for NEC to achieve greater development in the Chinese market, and also horizontally opening up the two major business systems within Honghe Technology.

    Honghe Technology, an interactive pioneer. Looking to the future, Honghe Technology will adhere to the concept of "win-win with the majority of users, win-win with partners, and win-win with enterprise employees", continue to gather elite forces, integrate industry resources, and integrate R & D and production, marketing and integration services The integrated development model of the entire industry chain continues to lead the application fields such as multimedia display and interaction and advanced audio-visual engineering integration, creating the glory of the video industry's masters!

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