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Shandong Hopu Education Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi, the largest logistics capital in the north and the north, with a registered capital of 10.6 million. It is a professional enterprise integrating research and development, design and manufacturing, sales services, and early childhood education services. Professional elite team of R & D, design, production, sales and service.

Houpu "Houde carrying things simple and honest". "Hope", its preschool education equipment brand

LOGO is derived from "hope & love". Since the establishment of the brand, the products have been centered on the needs of children and the safety of the products. Children are the hope of the future. Houpu people make products full of love and care.

Every product polished by heart starts from research and development, and Hopu has a professional and ingenious product development and design team; each case that attracts much attention starts from personalization and customization, and the people of Hopu listen carefully to every principal Thoughts and needs, close to children's lives, into a small heart, dedicated to product personalization, systematization, serving the overall environment creation of the kindergarten, creating a happy and high-quality environmental space, and promoting the campus cultural system Construction. Create a brand with excellent quality and expand the market with brand strength. The products are mainly kindergarten furniture and children's toys. The kindergarten furniture is mainly divided into preschool education room furniture (preschool education tables and chairs, special corner furniture, preschool education toy cabinets, teaching aid cabinets) , Bookcases, etc.), preschool education lounge furniture (toddler beds, towel cup display racks, coat cabinets, shoe cabinets, etc.), preschool education characteristic activity room furniture (music classroom, art classroom, etc.); toddler toys are divided into toddler indoor toys 、 Children's outdoor toys (outdoor building block combination, outdoor large-scale comprehensive fitness toys, etc.); scientific discovery room, psychological consultation room, health care room and other products.

 Houpu insists on taking children as the center, giving each child a healthy and happy childhood, using love to restore the true nature of the game, using ingenuity to make high-end products, using perseverance to make quality products, and serving children, families, kindergartens, partners with sincerity Based on sincerity, business first and trust first, Houpu people are willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with new and old friends at home and abroad, work together and build the future cause of the motherland!

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