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The 20th BJKSE notification "excellent marketing talent" selection activities

time:2018-3-21      view:
Under the active participation in the Chinese and foreign exhibitors, the preschool education supplies dealers agents around the city, the kindergarten and preschool education agencies, under the support of industry colleagues BJKSE (Beijing international preschool education supplies exhibition) will soon celebrate 20 years old birthday, here, the organizer to actively participate in and support for a long time the exhibition industry colleagues express my heartfelt thanks!
After 20 years of unremitting efforts, BJKSE children education products has become the Chinese and foreign enterprise brand publicity, improve the best choice of the channel, develop the market, to become the childcare industry tongren extensive exchanges and cooperation platform for the ideal. Because of the exhibition scale, class is high, the product technology content and high content of knowledge and able to lead the industry for the future development, in 2015 was rated as "supported by the ministry of commerce to guide the exhibition project" by the ministry of commerce. The 20th BJKSE exhibition venues will be increased to 10, more than 600 children education brand together Chinese and foreign enterprises, formulate exhibition area of more than 42000 square meters. As China's preschool education supplies industry's most influential communication platform, BJKSE will lead the sustainable development of China's preschool education.
Thank you for all exhibitors, around the agents, preschool education group, the kindergarten and preschool education authority leadership support, the 20th BJKSE (Beijing international preschool education show exhibition) plans to launch "the 20th BJKSE excellent promotion's got talent". Through the development of the campaign, actively participate in the promotion of the 20 th BJKSE selected excellent talent; The organizer will give fame and material rewards. Poll of the concrete issues as follows:
When activity theme
I join my happy I offer my harvest
To participate in the object
The 20th BJKSE (Beijing international preschool education supplies exhibition) around the exhibitors, preschool education products agents (distributors), preschool education group representative, head of the kindergarten and preschool education institution;
When the contestant conditions
Around 1, representatives of the 20th BJKSE exhibitors and cooperative agent (city);
2, (city) around the 20th BJKSE cooperation media;
3, around the 20th BJKSE (city) promote talent;
4, participate in the 20th BJKSE around the promotion of the kindergarten;
5, the 20th BJKSE image spokesperson;
6 the same period, the 20th BJKSE "2018 preschool education spring" series of BBS BBS activities activities teaching experts.