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This year, preschool education supervisors stepped up to a new level

time:2019-12-25      view:
Education supervision is a basic education system stipulated by the education law and an important part of China's education system.

In recent years, preschool education, due to its weak foundation and large debts, is still the weak point of the whole education system, and its unbalanced and inadequate development is very prominent. In order to regulate the behavior of kindergarten management, the office of the education supervision committee under the state council issued the notice on further supervision and evaluation of kindergarten management in accordance with the measures for supervision and evaluation of kindergarten management.

This year's evaluation has the following characteristics:

First, highlight key points. Local governments should give priority to supervision and evaluation of kindergartens that are in urgent need of strengthening supervision, such as those in weak kindergartens, private kindergartens and kindergartens in key poverty alleviation areas.

The second is the use of unified tools. The "paperless" supervision and evaluation tool based on Internet is used to form the national kindergarten supervision and evaluation report.

Third, urge problems to rectify. Local governments should establish a list of problems rectified by kindergarten, pay close attention to the implementation of rectification, and give full play to the role of supervision and promotion of the standardized development of kindergartens.

At the same time, the ministry of education has formulated the measures for the supervision and supervision of kindergarten responsible supervision and listing, and established a supervision system for kindergarten responsible supervision and listing, so that by the end of 2019, all kindergartens (including private kindergartens) registered after examination and approval will be fully covered by supervision and listing.