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On May 12, 2018, Beijing international exhibition of preschool education exhibition supplies (BJKSE) will usher in 20th birthday, after 20 years of continuous accumulation, with numerous Chinese and foreign exhibitors to participate in and support, BJKSE children education supplies industry has become the Chinese and foreign exchanges and cooperation platform for the ideal. The 20th BJKSE number more than 600 Chinese and foreign enterprises, formulate exhibition area of more than 40000 square meters. As China's preschool education supplies industry's most influential exhibition, BJKSE will lead the sustainable development of China's preschool education.
To further establish preschool education supplies enterprise brand awareness, improve brand enterprises in the industry of driving force, on the development of preschool education industry brand, the 20th BJKSE (Beijing international preschool education show exhibition) plans to launch "the 20th BJKSE ivy brand" campaign. Through the childcare industry colleagues to participate in voting, actively lead the preschool education industry development, regulate the industry, long-term participation support BJKSE brand enterprises selected; To have certain science and technology content and knowledge content, preschool education industry recognition of preschool education brand chosen for a long time. Poll of the concrete issues as follows:
One, the activity theme
Actively participate in BJKSE create industry influence
Second, the selection range
Three consecutive terms or accumulated 5 session to attend BJKSE (Beijing international exhibition of preschool education supplies) of enterprises; Including educational toys, school supplies, children's books, kindergarten equipment, etc.;
Three, we ranked conditions
1, the eligible enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, promised not piracy (tort) behavior, not selling fake and inferior products record;
2, companies operating in more than five years, law-abiding, no bad business credit history;