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Ten trends of preschool education industry development in 2020

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2019 is a year of development and reform of preschool education in China. The introduction of various policies is both an opportunity and a challenge to the development of preschool education industry. The year 2020 has arrived, where will the development of preschool education industry go? Today, let's take a look at ten trends in the early childhood education industry in 2020.

1. The government shall first support and then regulate
In order to solve the problems of "difficult enrollment" and "expensive enrollment", the government has increased support and guided social forces to organize more inclusive kindergartens. By 2020, the industrial structure of kindergartens will be stable: more than 80% are public kindergartens and inclusive private kindergartens, and about 20% are medium-and high-end private kindergartens. Although the state mainly encourages and supports the development of puhui kindergarten, it is not blind expansion. While steadily promoting the reform of puhui kindergarten, the state will further put forward relevant norms to make the preschool education industry develop in a benign and standardized direction.

2. National standards and specifications are becoming more and more detailed
From the relevant regulations newly issued by the state in 2019, such as the regulations on the management of school food safety and nutrition health, the code for the architectural design of nurseries and kindergartens, and the professional certification standards for vocational and technical teacher education, we can see that the national management standards for kindergartens are becoming more and more detailed. On the one hand, detailed specifications can more effectively promote the standardized management and operation of kindergartens; On the other hand, the refinement of standardized standards also requires our kindergartens to strengthen their own transformation and management, and those kindergartens that do not meet the standards will eventually be eliminated by the market.

3. Laws guarantee the healthy and sustainable development of preschool education
At the 12th session of the standing committee of the 13th National People's Congress, minister of education Chen baosheng said legislation on preschool education will be further accelerated and included in the standing committee's legislative work plan for 2020. The bottleneck that has long restricted the reform and development of preschool education will be solved, and the healthy and sustainable development of preschool education will be guaranteed by law.

4, need a large number of high-quality teacher
With the progress of the society, the rapid development of information technology and the improvement of people's living standards, preschool education is more and more highly valued by all sectors of society, so the expectation of preschool teachers' professional quality and professional ability is higher and higher. The sustainable development of kindergarten is in urgent need of the input of a large number of high-quality kindergarten teachers to change the current situation of the low overall quality of kindergarten teachers. In the future, teachers will be more diversified, professional and professional.

5. Quality content is still scarce
It is still an important task for educators to study and understand the characteristics of children and provide education suitable for their development. Research and development of high quality children products, design of high quality teaching content, to create an excellent team of teachers is the long-term development of kindergarten and the basis of the need to solve the important problems.

6. Quality improvement is imperative
In countries attach great importance to pre-school education, vigorously develop public and universality under the background of the kindergarten, only rely on the enthusiasm and partial improvement of kindergarten, is unable to meet severe challenges, especially kindergarten private kindergarten must be systematic, comprehensive and scientific training, promote the connotation development, improve the quality of kindergarten, to adapt to the national request, in the evolution of the market rules to sustainable and healthy development.

7. Preschool education should return to children's physical and mental development
As the society and parents generally have the psychology of utility and comparison, and the quality of kindergarten teachers still needs to be constantly improved, some kindergartens will appear inappropriate teaching methods and teaching contents for children's development, such as teaching primary school contents in advance and strengthening knowledge and skills training. In order to promote the harmonious development of children's body and mind, kindergartens should adhere to the educational concept of "playing middle school, learning to play", ability cultivation is the key. Kindergartens should think deeply about the problems of "what to learn" and "how to learn" and teachers "what to teach" and "how to teach". While returning to children's physical and mental development, promoting the scientific and effective connection between kindergarten and primary school is the key point of future preschool education.

8. "preschool education + Internet thinking" will be the future development trend of preschool education industry
Compared with the traditional preschool education, the "Internet +" is not only a technical update of the iteration, but also the quality of teaching, the education idea of geometric series, "Internet +" will make the embodiment of the pre-school can maximize the fairness of kindergarten education, speed up the information age education reform is the inevitable development trend of future preschool education industry.

9. "AI+ big data" will become an important research direction of new technology in kindergarten education
The use of big data can improve the imbalance of educational resources and help educational institutions to quickly occupy the currently undistributed cities in a linear way, but the continuous investment in technology will also become a challenge.

10. "developing characteristics and building brand" is the solution for the long-term development of private kindergartens
Under the state's policy of vigorously developing public kindergartens and accelerating the development of universal private kindergartens, private kindergartens must seek a more long-term development and accelerate the radiation while improving the quality. For kindergartens, brand is an exclusive symbol representing the education quality and conservation quality of kindergartens, which is different from competitors, and is the intangible asset of kindergartens. Create more high-end characteristics of the brand, in order to be invincible in the fierce competition.

Through more than ten big trend we can see that in the country's overall deployment and driven by a variety of policy releasing, the children education market is rational, make the whole pre-school education institutions also face enormous challenges and adjustment, but the market demand and policy guidance, under the joint action of preschool education is still full of potential sunrise industry, the government's support vigorously, the diverse needs of the market, promote the development of China's preschool education industry usher in more quickly.