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All four 2018 preschool education industry policy

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The new era of kindergarten teachers' professional conduct ten principles:
A, firm political direction.
Second, consciously abide by.
Third, spread the excellent culture.
Four, with great concentration from infant education.
Fifth, strengthen security.
Six, care for young children.
Seven, follow the rules of preschool education.
Eight, uphold justice honesty.
Nine, stick to impose discipline.
Ten, regulate the behavior of wang.
11 --
"The central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on several opinions of the development of preschool education to deepen reform specification, policy is clear: to ban private kindergarten, a listed company shall not buy profit-making kindergartens.
"Opinion" stressed "curb excess profit behavior", and points out that "in accordance with the security status of kindergarten teachers and treatment", "equal pay for equal work".
"Opinions" pointed out: pre-school education at present the main problem is: pre-school education resources, especially universality insufficient resources, policy guarantee system is not perfect, teachers team construction lag, the supervisory system and mechanism is not sound, wang needs to improve quality, people tend to "primary school", part of the private garden excessive profit, children's safety problems have occurred.
12 --
The ministry of education in shandong province held a press conference, "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on several opinions of the development of preschool education to deepen reform specification.
The ministry of education of basic chief priests Lv Yugang stressed that build to pratt &whitney resources as the main body of the system of kindergarten, vigorously develop the public garden, gradually improve the public garden in garden of children, to the 2020 national 50% in principle, at the same time actively support private kindergartens provide general services, specification development of for-profit private garden, the structure and resource supply of kindergarten to fully satisfy the people to pratt &whitney preschool education strong desire, and to meet the demand of some parents diverse selective.
13 --
On December 14, the ministry of education national ethics strengthen construction work video conference, comprehensive deployment of implement of the new era of teachers' professional code of conduct and ethics strengthen construction each work.
Bao-sheng Chen minister stressed that the teacher's ethics construction is a long game, to be completed, to improve the stance, to face the problems, scientific planning, the initiative as, suit the policing, targeted therapy, to pay special attention to the new era of virtue strengthen construction, strive to build a team with high qualification, sophisticated business ability, political education level of high quality teachers.
2019, let us join hands and jointly promote the healthy development of preschool education industry.