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Protection of intellectual property rights of preschool education, the 22nd BJKSE in action

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Recently, the general office of the communist party of China central committee and the general office of the state council issued the opinions on strengthening intellectual property protection, incorporating intellectual property protection into the performance assessment of local governments, making comprehensive arrangements for further strengthening intellectual property protection in China.

Intellectual property is the key to keeping a business going, especially in education. With the rapid development of Internet education, the issues related to the protection of intellectual property rights are attracting more and more attention. As the foundation of education, early childhood education is of great significance to personal growth and development. Therefore, the intellectual property protection of preschool education products is also extremely important. In order to develop the preschool education industry in a sustainable, healthy and harmonious way, it is necessary to take strong measures in intellectual property.

In the past few years, the infringement of intellectual property rights in the preschool education industry has occurred frequently. In many fields, such as book publishing, curriculum system and product design, there have been property rights disputes. BJKSE Beijing international preschool education exhibition has been held since 1998. As a platform to grow together with the preschool education industry, BJKSE has the responsibility and obligation to shoulder the responsibility of protecting intellectual property rights and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. To this end, the 22nd Beijing international preschool education exhibition in intellectual property protection measures as follows.

In case of infringement of intellectual property rights, including trademark, copyright, design, name and patent, we will actively cooperate with the industrial and commercial department and the legal counsel of the organizer to investigate and restrict participation in the next exhibition.

Innovation is only the first but not the second. To protect intellectual property rights is to protect innovation and development. Only when the achievements of innovation are respected can the enthusiasm for innovation be aroused and innovation become a source of vitality. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of the economic development of the preschool education industry or the promotion and development of the preschool education industry, the 22nd BJKSE will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, improve services, respect the value of the education brand, adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards enterprises with infringement, and avoid any property rights disputes. BJKSE takes purifying the market as its mission, and is committed to working with its preschool education colleagues to build guidelines for ipr protection in the industry, promote win-win cooperation and achieve common development.

Of course, the protection of intellectual property rights needs the participation and support of every preschool teacher in the industry, starting from me and now. We are taking actions to protect the intellectual property rights of preschool education. We welcome every preschool education teacher to make a voice for the protection of intellectual property rights.