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Public kindergartens shall not participate in the establishment of profit-making private schools

time:2020-1-14      view:
Recently, chengdu, sichuan province, issued the "measures to promote the standardized development of private education" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), which cracked the "governance difficulties" and eased the "development obstacles" by implementing nine standardized measures and eight supporting measures.

According to the measures, the municipal public institutions such as primary and secondary schools, teaching kindergartens, teaching and research institutes and so on shall not participate in the establishment of for-profit private schools, private cultural and educational training institutions, or participate in the running of schools only by means of brand export. Schools directly affiliated to the municipal bureau of education (units) do not participate in the establishment of private schools, have participated in the school withdrawal at the expiration of time.

According to the measures, fees charged by non-profit privately-run schools for academic qualifications and non-profit privately-run kindergartens shall be set according to government guidance, and shall be set by the development and reform authorities in accordance with relevant pricing authority. Fees charged by other non-profit private schools and for-profit private schools shall be regulated by the market, and the specific rates shall be determined by private schools themselves.

According to the measures, privately-run schools should run schools in strict accordance with the permitted type, content and address, and submit the enrollment brochure and advertisements to the education or social services departments for the record in advance. No teaching sites, campuses or branch schools should be added or their names changed or simplified without authorization. Privately-run primary and secondary schools shall recruit students according to the time node, place, method and procedure stipulated by the education department, and shall not recruit students in advance, with compensation, beyond the plan or entrust a third party to recruit students. Public schools may not participate in the enrollment of private schools, and public and private schools may not mix enrollment.