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Big inventory two 2018 preschool education industry policy

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On January 16, 2018, on the relevant people's congress of hunan province, proposed legislation in the province of all open kindergarten parents monitoring.

Kindergarten to install monitoring, and kindergarten video monitoring has been the industry's concern and the focus of the discussion. From exclusion to install monitoring to open video monitoring, which is connected to education of chicheng passion and conscience of early childhood education.

03 --

On January 31, 2018, issued by the party central committee and the state council "about comprehensive we will deepen reform of the new age teachers team construction of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), for the new era of teacher team construction to make the top design. "Opinion" is put forward, improve teachers' status treatment, truly make teachers become an enviable career.

"Opinions" put forward:

Do a good job in a number of infant normal school and several preschool teachers college, support the creation of preschool education major, normal universities cultivate love preschool education career, children for this, talent both ability and political integrity, good at high level kindergarten teacher wang.

Kindergarten teacher training mode innovation and forward training starting point, vigorously develop the five-year college level kindergarten teachers starting point of junior high school graduation. Optimization of the kindergarten teacher training curriculum system, outstanding wang fusion, science for children's development and conservation activities, education action classes courses, strengthen the practical courses, develop preschool education students' comprehensive ability.

Build system of employee training kindergarten teachers, to promote science wang ability for preschool teachers. Increase in the kindergarten, rural kindergarten teachers, universality private kindergarten teachers' training.

Kindergarten teacher training model innovation, relying on institutions of higher learning and the quality of kindergarten, the key to focus on training and with the way for the practice of training kindergarten teachers. Coordination with kindergarten normal colleges are encouraged to set up the kindergarten teacher training training base.