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Parenting experience: 2 to 6 years old preschool education to the five o 'clock

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Early childhood education is a science, not casually or not laborious can come out to good effect. 20th annual Beijing international preschool education supplies exhibition arrangement Outlines the preschool education industry first-line teachers and some parents parenting experiences experience, will be 2 to 6 years old preschool education to the five share your reference.
Squatted down to talk to kids
In what situation, when you want to say something to your child, please try to squat down down, let oneself and child at the same height, holding the child's hands in your hands, looked at him with kindly eyes, then nicely tell your request to the child. Do you find, talk to your child, in this way children also listen to you, but also will be more happy to do your "instructions", and a better finish faster?
To protect the child's self-esteem
In front of strangers and outsiders to teach children easy to hurt the child's self-esteem. In fact, children's comprehension ability is quite strong, when you don't want him to do something, as long as gently shook his head, or quietly for children stare at the eyes, the child will understand, no need to say it out loud. If you still don't trust, also can go out and children reach tacit understanding, is just the secret between you: "if you see my father shook his head, can't do that. If father nodded, that's agreed."
Respect children's independent consciousness
As the children grew older, his consciousness will also grow. When you feed him to eat, he said, "I eat", when you help him dress, he said "I", he might get covered in rice, maybe he will put up the clothes to wear this mess, but we don't hit the interest, and to trust him, encourage him, give him the opportunity to learn, otherwise the child will never "grow up".
Timely adjust loving way
As children the growth of the age, to adjust their own way to love, don't put the child as a people will never grow up, everything is arranged. Can use some good time, put forward new requirements for children, help him grow, so will not suppress the child's intelligence. For example, when the child was two years old birthday, you can say to the child: "baby grew one year again, starting tomorrow is going to wash a face brush his teeth". As another example, when before you ready to send their children in the kindergarten, you can say to the child: "baby going to kindergarten in the next month, from now on, want to sleep alone, learn to cover good quilt."
More communication between each other