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Large inventory 2018 preschool education industry policy

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Over the past 2018 years, is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, China is extraordinary one year preschool education industry. This year, the ministry of education research and published many preschool education industry, the two policies that caused the wide attention and industry within the scope of the discussion.

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On January 3, 2018, the Beijing municipal bureau of finance issued on "Beijing municipal financial support to preschool education career development subsidy funds management using details (provisional)" notice (hereinafter referred to as the "notice").

"Notice" has been clear about the preschool education of them fixed subsidies, rent subsidies and expanding degree aid money. In addition, to encourage good quality garden by collectivization ways such as merger and integration of kindergarten kindergarten small-scale and unlicensed garden.

According to the rules, since 2018, Beijing will be the general kindergarten new fiscal subsidy standard, will be in accordance with the number of the garden (number) in 3 ~ 6 years old preschool children, the city-level demonstration garden and garden every living allowance of 1000 yuan/month, year 12000 yuan. Secondary and tertiary garden every 700 yuan/month, year 8400 yuan.

According to the rules of public kindergarten and universality private kindergarten by renting space to expand the scale of kindergarten rent subsidies. Allowances for no more than 5 yuan/sq m/day, actually the rent below the municipal allowances according to solid.

Rent subsidy scope includes new lease space to expand the size of the stock of kindergarten kindergarten and held by lease premises new kindergarten.

Note: Beijing for PuHuiYuan subsidies is unprecedented, as the capital, Beijing's policy also released a signal for everyone, the future kindergarten will gradually divided into two camps: type represented by the public garden, PuHuiYuan public kindergarten, and thought that the high-end elite kindergarten garden representatives.