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The legal evening news - preschool education exhibition Child safety education ChengLiang points

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View the legal evening news, news (reporter Lin Hui) 20th international toys and childcare articles exhibition opening in Beijing, children AnQuanCheng exhibition a major bright spot.
China international exhibition center in Beijing this morning, the old house, more than 600 Chinese and foreign toys, school supplies, kindergarten facilities enterprise came together, shows the most current technology content and knowledge content of baby related products, including the kindergarten curriculum, teaching toys, nursery school equipment, kindergarten planning and design, kindergarten, home textiles interaction, kindergarten catering equipment and so on seven big class.
Reporters noted that the exhibition has a lot of items related to children's safety, including remote control of the bus school attendance system, can understand the school bus movement track and the number of the car; Has the security to interactive course software; Exit temperature fast detector and kindergarten for children; And children safety training facilities and so on.
Galleries in a traffic safety course, simulation of traffic signal AIDS that the children have to be "little driver". According to exhibition member introduction, children toys in traffic safety play can subtly obey the order and traffic safety awareness. The exhibition will last until May 14.
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