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Beijing will strengthen the preschool teachers access qualification examination

time:2017-12-19      view:
The previous phase of the kindergarten, encourage the growth of preschool education management comprehensive upgrade, the Beijing municipal education commission of the latest issued the notice on further strengthening the management of the various kindergarten teachers of early childhood education for social concerns, specifically to strict teaching management, strengthen the preschool teachers access qualification examination, ethics strengthen construction.
Relevant statistics show that the current preschool teachers across the country have a larger gap, preschool education teachers gap in Beijing also highlights, Beijing academy of social sciences, according to a report before Beijing preschool education teachers gap is close to 25000 by 2015. Two child policy in China, China will usher in a new tide of birth, kindergarten teachers gap will be more prominent. According to Beijing for the third phase of the preschool education plan of action, the number of preschool teachers is not enough.
It is understood that the current Beijing should not only strengthen the preschool teachers access qualification examination, strengthen the ethics strengthen construction, gradually enhance the level of the kindergarten teachers' overall and also increase the intensity of employee training of all kinds of kindergarten, adopt hierarchical, classification and combination of key projects, by the sponsor (s), manager and teacher's in-service continuing education training, strengthening the organizers and managers in accordance with the law consciousness and ability of kindergarten, ascend at various levels and of the kindergarten teachers professional level.
To further implement in accordance with the requirements of kindergarten, Beijing district to real pressure is responsibility, strict management of the area under its jurisdiction all garden, and strengthen the guidance and inspect the implementation, to ensure normal operation of all kinds of kindergarten standard, orderly and in accordance with the law.