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[financing technology] glory shine 15 years | 2018 Beijing preschool education exhibition, depth resolution information wisdom campus construction

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2018 BJKSE (international) preschool education exhibition in Beijing on May 12 to 14, 2018 in Beijing, China held a grand international exhibition center (the old pavilion), brings together the world's 2000 exhibitors industry event to the domestic education of high and new technology shows the communication platform, to present a more professional, high quality education industry of new features. Accommodation as the only company to provide the information within the industry of science and technology of wisdom campus construction of high-tech enterprises, with informatization shining wisdom campus overall solution at 2018 (international) preschool education exhibition in Beijing. And launch 2018 mobile interactive touch all-in-one cloud platform, a series of education management, school education online payment platform, intelligent hardware system, bei care home produced APP, and many other new products.
New hope, strong market demand Visit the unusually hot
With the implementation of the two-child policy and country for pre-school education policy bias, preschool education industry will develop into the fast lane in the future. At the same time, in 2018, is a national education informationization in the process of extraordinary one year. Since opening, the ministry of education issued the action plan for education informationization 2.0 "teacher education revitalization plan" and so on important guidance of education informatization construction, enterprise for education workers and education industry indicate the direction of the forward. To keep up with the progress of The Times and user demand change, the exhibition, the financing of science and technology launched a lot of industry leading software and hardware products, together and see it!