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China economic times, science and education lead the preschool education development direction

time:2018-5-30      view:
From children's products to toys, from toys to educational toys, educational toys to preschool education. Along with the market refinement, preschool education supplies become children's products in the market growth is the fastest, the best children's education industry development prospects. By the China international trade center co., LTD., Beijing north and south exhibition co., LTD. Jointly organized the 20th annual Beijing international toys and childcare articles exhibition held on 14 May 12 solstice. China economic times reporter at the scene found that science education leads the preschool education development direction in the future.
We have learned, from Germany, Korea and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and so on more than 20 provinces and cities and regions more than 600 Chinese and foreign toys, school supplies, kindergarten facilities enterprises exhibitors. Exhibitors showcase the today's most science and technology content and knowledge content of products, from the garden of the environment to the design and decoration layout, equipment configuration to the course from, from DI Y toys to electronic learning products. Among them, science curriculum, traditional sinology education and education become the exhibition highlight robot.
Reporters on the scene when visiting noticed that the products with high technological content, from the garden of the environment to the design and decoration layout, equipment configuration to the course from, display products embody the modern concept of environmental protection. As the concept of quality education, and form a complete set of preschool education products will become the new growth point in the future. Healthy environmental protection, the combination of fun, play to teach preschool education product indicates the trend of the development of industry.
Impact on the education of science and technology was deepened. Even in early childhood education stage at present, the teaching work also gradually developed, and the STEAM discipline knowledge, help children establish good scientific interest in the course guide. STEAM education emphasizes the integration of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the humanities content in the field of art, the method of knowledge acquisition, and the use of tools and production of innovative process in organic unification, to cultivate children's problem solving and comprehensive ability has important value. STEAM education children's creativity, and kindergarten STEAM education courses and related hardware and software get the favour of preschool education in the industry.
As the "STEAM" concept of toy products penetration deepens, and the combination of product is more interesting, hands and brain, and advocate breakthrough class boundaries of the concept of life-long study. Enlightenment "STEAM" thinking in fun at the same time, experience the fun of science and technology, the concept of diverse potential are also influence preschool education market. "Newton" and "scientific discovery room" "Edison" and so on different topics of science curriculum become a highlight of the exhibition.