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An inventory of the entrustment policies of various ministries in 2019

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On May 9, 2019, the general office of the state council officially issued the guidelines on promoting the development of infant care services for children under 3 years old, which first proposed the concept of "infant care" and kicked off the first year of nurseries.

The guideline defines "family as the primary care and supplementary care; Policy guidance, preferential treatment; Safety and health, scientific standards; The basic principle of "territorial management and classification guidance" defines the primary responsibility of the family for infant care.

The guidelines make clear that the work of infant and child care services is led by the ministry of health and health, and divide the functions of 17 departments, including development and reform, health, education, civil affairs, market supervision and management, housing and urban-rural development, and human resources and social security.

The National Development and Reform Commission
The development and reform department is responsible for integrating infant and child care services into economic and social development programmes.

Health committee
The department of health and health shall be responsible for organizing and formulating policies and norms for infant and child care services, coordinating relevant departments to supervise and manage infant and child care service institutions, and providing operational guidance for infant and child care health care and early infant development.

Department of human resources and social security
The department of human resources and social security shall be responsible for carrying out vocational skills training for the practitioners of infant and child care services, confirming their professional qualifications in accordance with relevant provisions, and safeguarding the rights and interests of employees in accordance with the law.

The ministry
The housing and urban-rural development departments shall be responsible for the planning and construction of infant and child care service institutions and facilities, and for the improvement of relevant construction codes and standards.

The ministry of education
The education department is responsible for training talents for various kinds of infant and child care services.