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Latest registration standards for infant and child care institutions

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On January 6, the national health commission and other four departments promulgated the "measures for the registration and filing of child-care institutions (trial)," clarifying that for-profit child-care institutions should apply to the market supervision department at or above the county level for registration and report to the local county-level health department for the record.

Daycare, half-day care, timed care, temporary care for infants under 3 years old can alleviate the urgent need of parents to take care of their children. However, how to set up and who will supervise the institution has been in a blank space for a long time.

In may last year, the general office of the state council issued guidelines on promoting the development of care services for infants under the age of three, proposing that child-care institutions implement a registration system. Following the promulgation of the standards for the establishment of child-care institutions (trial) and the regulations for the management of child-care institutions (trial), the state health and fitness commission and other four departments issued a supporting document, the measures for the registration and filing of child-care institutions (trial) (hereinafter referred to as the "trial measures"), to further clarify the specific matters for the registration and filing of child-care institutions.

In accordance with the trial measures, establish institutions for the nature of public institutions, and apply to the establishment departments at or above the county level for examination, approval and registration; To set up a child-care institution of the nature of a social service institution and apply to the civil affairs department at or above the county level for registration; To establish a profit-making child-care institution shall apply to the market supervision and administration department at or above the county level for registration.

The trial measures require that registration authorities should promptly send the registration information of child-care institutions to health authorities at the same level through sharing and exchanging. The health department at the county level shall be responsible for recording registered nursing institutions within its jurisdiction.

As for what specific materials are needed for registration and filing, the trial method has also been clarified. For example, when a child-care institution applies for registration, it shall specify the content of the child-care service in its business scope (or business scope); The name applied for registration by a child-care institution may contain the word "child-care". A child-care institution shall, in a timely manner, put on record with the county health department where the institution is located, log into the record information system of the child-care institution, fill in the record form of the child-care institution and the record undertaking form online, and submit the business license, the site certificate of the child-care institution and other materials.

The trial measures also set a time limit for acceptance by health departments. The trial measures stipulate that the health department shall provide the record receipt and the notification of basic conditions of the institution within 5 working days after receiving the record materials. If the health department finds that the archival contents of a child-care institution do not conform to the setting standards and management norms, it shall notify the archival institution within 15 working days from the date of receiving the archival materials, explain the reasons and make them public.

At the same time, the trial measures stipulate that departments of public health, compilation, civil affairs and market supervision shall publish relevant policies and regulations on child-care services, requirements for registration and filing of child-care institutions and relevant information of child-care institutions on official websites for public inquiry and supervision.