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Wuhan has introduced a new policy to subsidize private kindergartens

time:2020-1-13      view:
In order to support the healthy development of inclusive private kindergartens, wuhan education bureau and wuhan finance bureau announced the interim measures on the management of awards and subsidies for the development of inclusive private kindergartens. The new rules come into effect today and are valid for five years.

According to the introduction, the universal private kindergartens receiving the award and subsidy should meet the following conditions:
1. With the approval of the administrative examination and approval department, the park license certificate is complete and qualified for annual inspection
2. The personnel for nursing education shall be provided in place, labor contracts shall be signed with faculty and staff according to law, and the salary and treatment of faculty and staff shall be implemented
3. The class quota conforms to the national standard in principle, without the phenomenon of "large class" or "primary school"
4. Reasonably determine the charging standard, etc

Each district education bureau should be in the first half of each year, according to the voluntary declaration, the examination and verification, the publication and the procedure of the organization of the examination and verification of universal benefit private kindergartens, the list of the district education bureau official website to the public, the initiative to accept the supervision of parents and society.

According to the regulations, financial subsidies shall be provided to the recognized universal private kindergartens in accordance with the following standards:
1. According to grade 1 and above kindergartens (including provincial and municipal model kindergartens), 3000 yuan/student/year
2. Level 2 kindergarten: 2400 yuan/student/year
3. Grade 3 and unrated kindergarten 2000 yuan/student/year