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Ministry of education: pre-school education will work out a bridging action plan

time:2020-1-13      view:
Education minister Chen baosheng said  that basic education needs to be expanded and deepened in 2020 to deepen the reform of education and teaching.

Expanding capacity, mainly in pre-schools and high schools, Chen baosheng said at the national conference on education work in 2020. Preschool education should focus on district supporting garden management. At the senior high school level, we will fully implement the plan to fight for universal access, with the focus on supporting poor areas in the central and western regions. We should vigorously improve the conditions for running schools and speed up the elimination of large classes in ordinary high schools.

"To deepen it, we will focus on the balanced development of compulsory education." Chen baosheng said that we should focus on promoting the integration of urban and rural areas, make good use of, safeguard and implement the layout of urban and rural educational resources, continue to expand educational resources, speed up the supply of degrees, solve the problem of "large class size" in urban areas, and resolve the "hollowing out" of rural schools. We will focus on solving the problem of poor schooling for the children of migrant workers in cities, and effectively increase the proportion of children who attend public schools and enjoy government-purchased services.