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To solve the shortage of teachers from the supply side

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"Kindergarten teacher shortage" is a "pain point" problem that cannot be solved in many places, which has greatly affected the quality of preschool education. But will increased staffing really solve the problem? In the author's opinion, under the background of "total establishment control, only reduce the number of financial support personnel", we can not fall into the dilemma of "talking about compilation", nor can we think that compilation is omnipotent.

It is undeniable that increasing the establishment of kindergarten teachers can alleviate the temporary contradiction in the supply of kindergarten teachers to some extent, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of shortage of kindergarten teachers. Because, the "etiology" of teacher shortage is not just a simple system supply problem, some places because of limited financial resources are not made up, and even some places have made up to recruit people, are in the common sense.

Across the country, with the rapid development of preschool education, especially the implementation of the universal two-child policy, the demand for preschool education has shown a "blowout" growth. Therefore, from the supply side of the force, effectively increase supply should, but also must, this kind of effective supply including the top-level design of institutional supply, human resources and other factors to ensure supply. From the human dimension, it includes both the provision of the system and the cultivation of preschool normal university students. The establishment provides the solution is the kindergarten teacher occupation identity and the post attraction question; The training of preschool normal university students is to help students complete the process from professional identity, selection to practice ability, qualification confirmation and permission.

Return to place, same face teacher shortage problem, but the reason of shortage is different in different places, the path that solves a problem and method nature are different. For large and medium-sized cities, the population keeps gathering in the process of urban development. To solve the problem of shortage of kindergarten teachers, it is more necessary to use the "invisible hand" to reasonably determine the treatment of kindergarten teachers and let young students "vote with their feet". Underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions and counties should, in line with their own needs, correctly understand and position themselves scientifically, so that the government and the market can drive each other in the same direction. On the one hand, we should comprehensively use the "compilation turnover pool" to maximize the compilation supply; On the other hand, we should strengthen the connection with colleges and higher vocational colleges, speed up the training of kindergarten teachers, increase the government's purchasing power, properly deal with the remuneration of kindergarten teachers outside the establishment, and try our best to achieve "equal pay for equal work". At the same time, to optimize the service environment, to create a "near yue yuan come" talent environment.

To solve the problem of shortage of kindergarten teachers in remote ethnic minority areas and rural areas in the central and western regions, we should break the stereotype of thinking. In accordance with the requirement of "overall planning of provinces and cities, mainly counties and towns", party committees and governments at all levels should assume unlimited responsibilities and unconditionally shoulder the responsibility of providing basic assistance.