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In 2025, the license rate of nurseries practitioners in Zhejiang should reach above 80%

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Recently, "Zhejiang province on accelerating the implementation of the development of care services for children under 3 years old" was issued.

In addition to the qualitative goals, zhejiang province also puts forward some quantitative goals from the perspectives of family rearing and organization.

By 2020, each city divided into districts should cultivate at least two provincial-level demonstration units, according to the guidelines. By 2025, the coverage of infant care service institutions in urban and rural communities, the rate of kindergarten care, and the rate of infant care service providers will have increased significantly, and the number of employees in institutions will have reached more than 80 percent.

In view of the shortage of nursing talents, the implementation Suggestions are put forward as follows:

1. Encourage colleges and universities, especially vocational schools (including technical schools), to set up majors or courses related to infant and child care services, and support early-stage research on infant and child care;

2. Encourage the establishment of infant care service training orientation in preschool education, nursing and other related majors;

3. Support universities and maternal and child health care institutions to build training bases for infant care services, and train talents for infant care;

4. Encourage preschool education personnel to practice in infant care service institutions, take infant care service institutions as designated units for primary services of preschool education personnel, and open up the promotion channel of professional title;

5. Through rehiring experienced retirees and other measures, enrich the workforce of infant and child care service practitioners;

6. Support child care personnel to provide guidance services for infant and child care service institutions, and explore the establishment of infant and child care service teams for the integrated development of childcare, preschool education and child care personnel.