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In 2019, more than 1,000 kindergartens have been built or upgraded in Henan

time:2020-1-8      view:
On January 7, the government of Henan province held a press conference to introduce the practical implementation of the construction, renovation and expansion of kindergartens. According to MAO jie, deputy director of the education department of henan province, 1,108 kindergartens will be built, renovated and expanded in 2019, with a total of 142,900 new academic degrees, which will be put into use this year.

According to the original plan, henan province should build, renovate and expand 1,000 urban and rural kindergartens and add 100,000 preschool degrees by 2019, MAO said. By December 25 last year, 1,108 kindergartens had been built in henan province, of which the 1,000 kindergartens included in the project library had completed all the main parts (including 838 public kindergartens, accounting for 83.8%; There are 162 private parks, accounting for 16.2% of the total. A total of 142,900 new academic degrees have been added, and they will be put into use this year.

It is estimated that when all the 1,000 kindergartens under the people's livelihood project are put into use, it will effectively alleviate the problem of "difficulty in entering public kindergartens and expensive in high-quality private kindergartens" for school-age children. The gross enrollment rate of preschool education in henan province will reach 90% in three years.

In addition, Henan province has also taken a series of measures to improve the level of kindergarten management and the quality of education. Through the implementation of financial allocation per student, government procurement of services and other ways to support the settlement of non-enrolled teachers pay; Last year, a total of 1,762 unlicensed parks were closed down, and 2,055 unlicensed parks were rectified.