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Cicadas at preschool education exhibition in Beijing,

time:2018-5-28      view:
On May 12-14, the 20th session of Beijing international school supplies exhibition held in China international exhibition center.
Kindergarten integrated management platform leading domestic brands, cicadas to be invited to the event, the "data" group LED industry high attention, information service mode.
As the only approved by the ministry of commerce preschool education exhibition, Beijing preschool education exhibition has become the industry's most influential exhibition. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of preschool education fair successfully held in Beijing, organizers will pavilion to eight, expansion to 4.2 square meters exhibition area, attracting more than 12000 director.
"Data" group LED eyes absorption is dye-in-the-wood
Exhibition, science and technology are full of cicadas booth just one appearance, to attract many participants. The "data" group LED to director and investment people stop to watch.