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2019, ten memorabilia of preschool education

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2019 officially enters the countdown! Looking back on the past, education dream people are not forgetting the original intention to practice their own education dream, in their respective fields also continue to explore and innovation!

In 2019, the challenge of the education industry is hard power, the opportunity of the education industry is new supply, and the persistence of the education industry is not to forget the original intention...

Standing at the crossroads of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, each "preschool teachers" are mission in the shoulder, hard to run, we are all dream-chaser!

1. Release "notice on the administration of supporting kindergartens in urban areas"

2.Notice of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the ministry of education on printing and distributing the standard design sample drawing for kindergartens

3. Li keqiang: kindergartens, whether public or private, should be supported as long as they meet safety standards

4. Promulgation of guidelines on promoting the development of care services for infants under the age of 3

5. 2019 national publicity month for preschool education

6. Release the measures for supervision of kindergarten supervision

7. Make it clear that the 8 "school trouble" behaviors will be dealt with according to law

8. Release of the notice on preferential tax policies for community family services such as elderly care, childcare and homemaking

9. Report of the state council on the reform and development of preschool education issued by the minister of education

10. promulgation of the notice on printing and distributing the setting standards of child-care institutions (trial) and the management standards of child-care institutions (trial)