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Sheer endeavour for 20 years Originality build early childhood dream - 20th annual Beijing international preschool education exhibition perfect closing

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Upon the approval of the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, by the China international trade center co., LTD., Beijing north and south exhibition co., LTD. Jointly organized the 20th annual Beijing international exhibition on toys and childcare articles, on May 12 to 14, 2018, in Beijing, China international exhibition center and old hall held successfully.
The show crowd, next year we will continue to upgrade system, simplifying procedures of everyone's visit comes into play.
Authoritative platform for well-known brands
From children's products to toys, from toys to educational toys, educational toys to preschool education. Along with the market refinement, preschool education supplies become children's products in the market growth is the fastest, the best children's education industry development forward. After 20 years of carefully nurtured, Beijing international toy preschool education supplies and equipment exhibition kindergarten has become Chinese and foreign famous brand assemble, Chinese and foreign traders, BBS activities around the scene, director to take an active part in the childcare industry authority platform.
The exhibition "rainbow flower", "logic", "Educo", "the sun preschool education", "lego", "wood play family", "love" son ", "grace", "high", and "fe", "montessori", "blessing bell", "interstar", "little tikes", "LaQ", "wisdom castle", "Bert", "qi", "the sun", "flourishing" Watson, "butch lele garden", "heikki Aaron", "senseio", "grass", "star" and other domestic and foreign brands. Products covered by the kindergarten curriculum (manual, games, picture books, reading pen, machine learning, etc.); Teaching toys, educational toys, building blocks puzzle, desktop toys, etc.); Kindergarten equipment (nursery school desks and chairs, bed, amusement equipment, fitness equipment, basin, purification equipment, etc.); The kindergarten planning and design (kindergarten environment establishment, etc.); (kindergarten kindergarten textiles bedding, garden, etc.); Interactive home (home communication platform, the kindergarten safety management system, etc.); Kindergarten catering equipment (such as kindergarten special kitchen equipment, tableware), exhibits a total of seven classes.
Exhibition products with high technological content, from the garden of the environment to the design and decoration layout, equipment configuration to the course from, display products embody the modern concept of environmental protection. As the concept of quality education, and form a complete set of preschool education products will become the new growth point in the future. Healthy environmental protection, the combination of fun, play to teach preschool education product indicates the trend of the development of industry.