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All three preschool education industry policy in 2018

time:2019-1-2      view:
PuHuiYuan development and how to become the focus of the preschool education industry.

06 --

On the morning of March 16, held a press conference in the center of the journalists from Asia, invite the ministry of education minister bao-sheng Chen is "strive to make every child can enjoy fair and quality education" issues related to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists.

The education secretary, bao-sheng Chen: tendency to comprehensive control of elementary school. This problem is also a lot of things, we now have some kindergarten teachers from primary school teacher, had not learned young children nursery, primary school teaching methods with the past, some parents want their children can learn some primary school curriculum in kindergarten, so a lot of the kindergarten has a tendency to primary school. Shall specify the basic teaching mode of the kindergarten is game mode, not teaching mode. Tendency to comprehensive control of elementary school.

07 --

General office of the ministry of education issued the implementation of the 2018 national pre-school education promoting awareness of notice, request around with "I am a kindergarten teacher" as the theme, on May 20 solstice on June 20, organization during preschool education awareness month activity.

Focuses on the activities of the propaganda, multiple points of view, the form of more propaganda present kindergarten teachers' work, study the real situation and the specific case of helping society and parents to understand the characteristics of the kindergarten education conservation activities, understand the kindergarten teachers' professional specialization, understand the kindergarten teachers' professional development course, shaping a new era in kindergarten teachers wuxi, positive good image, build value care for kindergarten teacher growth, support the good atmosphere to promote the development of preschool education.

08 --

The ministry of education issued the law of the People's Republic of China private education promotion law implementing regulations (revised draft) (draft) ". Do to the original content of the regulations on the implementation of a wide range of adjustment, 31 the original provisions for the modification, 19 new provisions, delete eight provision. The revised content related to private kindergarten mainly has the following several aspects:

1, the private kindergarten should strengthen the construction of the party

2, improve and clear the government support measures

3, improve the establishment of private kindergartens and approval system

4, regulating the behavior of private kindergarten kindergarten and internal governance

5, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the sponsors

6, strengthen teachers' rights and interests and safeguard

7 and improve the supervision and management mechanism

8, allow private kindergarten in the establishment period asset transfer formalities, promote the implementation of the legal person property rights of private kindergarten.

9, standardize the naming rules of private kindergartens and profit-making kindergartens kindergarten referred to as "the use of rules.

10, promoting the law, in order to implement the people clear legal attribute, the implementation of classification management in private schools, delete the terms associated with a reasonable return.