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The national off-campus online training institutions have completed the record check

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By December 31, 2019, a total of 718 off-campus online training institutions across the country had submitted filing materials on the national off-campus online training management service platform.

In July 2019, the ministry of education and so on six departments issued by the "implementation opinion about specification of online training outside" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation opinion"), require further standardize subject for primary and middle school students, using Internet technology to implement online training classes outside activities, promote the healthy and orderly development, lightens the burden of primary and middle school students is overweight extracurricular. According to the requirements of the opinion, provincial education administrative department under the state council in conjunction with the net letter, telecommunications, radio and television, public security, "against pornography and illegal publications" and other departments to formulate the screening program, organization in the province (area, city) to apply for registration of external online training to carry out the screening, the censors information, training contents and training personnel, etc of the record filing materials, currently has about 718 online training institutions, 115622 training personnel outside, 3463 courses completed the registration, and the existing problems of training institutions rectification requirements are put forward.

According to the implementation guidelines, off-campus online training institutions that have identified problems should make rectification according to the rectification guidelines and complete the rectification work before the end of June this year. Provincial administrative department of education will be published online training institutions outside the black and white list, and will jointly relevant departments, the inadequate fails to complete the rectification or improvement of external online training institutions to investigate, depending on the plot to pause or stop training platform operation, from the shelves training application, close no. WeChat public (small), to make economic punishment according to law.

Institutions that have carried out off-campus online training have basically completed the archival filing, marking an important step in the overall planning and standardized management of online and offline training institutions. In the future, the national off-campus online training management service platform will update the black and white list of online training institutions dynamically, so that the public can inquire about specific information of off-campus online training institutions at any time.