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Research into tao xingzhi in China in the 21st session of Beijing international preschool education, child development proiect

time:2019-4-4      view:
Children are the future of the country and is important resources for the sustainable development of society, children's education is the foundation of the whole education career. But in recent years the kindergarten child abuse, insufficient public park, children's admission to expensive, such as education problem increasingly prominent, children's education development is faced with many challenges.

For the further implementation of 19 large report "to give priority to education career development to let every child can enjoy fair and quality education", in order to promote the healthy development of children, promote children's education career progress, Chinese society for the study of tao xingzhi depends on the 21st session of Beijing international exhibition of preschool education in the same period on May 9 and 11, in the 21st century hotel, Beijing "2019 China children development conference", and set up in the tao will professional committee of children development research.

Tao will be in the child development study professional committee aims to focus on 0-12 years old children, "the children" as top priority, with "service" as the direction, with the aim to develop "innovative pew", and approved by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, China international trade center co., LTD., Beijing north and south) united international exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized the 21st session of Beijing international preschool education exhibition has nearly 700 companies, from Germany, Korea and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu, guangdong and so on more than 20 provinces and cities and regions, the aim is "common preschool education, Shared responsibility".