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Kindergarten into two biggest hot spots, please participate in discussions, your good Suggestions will be integrated into the proposal

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As of March 1, 8 great democracy party has released the 33 involved in education. Among them, the preschool education become the biggest hot this year,, of the central committee, the central committee of the NLD central and jiusan society central, central committee of party puts forward seven involving the proposal of the preschool education, accounts for nearly one 5 of all education proposals, content involves early education institutions management, pratt &whitney study development, kindergarten teachers construction, preschool education legislation, and many other aspects, reaction to the pre-school education's current social attention.
At the same time, for three consecutive session of the CPPCC national committee, preschool education professor Liu Yan, are widely soliciting a line of preschool education of a man, to make excellent kindergarten teacher "into it, to retain," let every child can at home, "affordable" in the "good" kindergarten.